We Manually Create up to 300+ Guaranteed Links from every Category of Sites that Contain Sheer Power & Trust while Implementing RSOS so that you can Stop Wasting Time & Money on Sources that are Simply NOT Effective!

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website builders

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Authority Sites

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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking

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Business Sites


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Over 1,000+ OMG’er Rave Fans.

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Heavy Focus on Reverse Sink or Swim

We take RSOS to a whole new level by applying it on 300+ of some of the most powerful and trusted sites. Additionally, you can also use SocialVypr to reserve your brand name or keyword(s) within the URL with the option to rotate up to 5 different keywords through-out 300+ all sites.

Only High DA Authority sites

Our list includes only High Authority trusted sites that contain both a mix of follow and nofollow links, and overall maintaining a diverse and perfect ratio of backlinks pointing back to your URL.

Sites that stick!

With other services you only end up with about 30% of the links built if you’re lucky. In fact, most Social sites they use don’t even allow you to add a link which refutes the whole purpose. And on top of that, more than half of their list ends up getting deleted anyway. However, with SocialVypr, we have tested more than 1,200 sites and continue to constantly test. The result is a complete list with a high ratio of sites that stick!

100% Manually Created (45+/hrs)

Every single profile is 100% manually created, Guaranteed! Our entire process from assigning the project, completing the project and then passing it on to the moderator to grade the work all the way up until it’s delivered to you is a combined total of 45 to 55 hours of manual labor and we are proud to do it! In essence, you are not just buying the world’s best social link fortress, you are buying time! (priceless)

Any URL!

Use SocialVypr on your website, client sites, Amazon product pages, eCommerce sites, YouTube videos, personal Site, or any other URL!

website url

Include Primary Socials + NAP

Maximize your Social Fortress effectiveness by optionally adding your primary social pages on 200+ profiles out of 300 sites and/or include your NAP. No other service on the planet is able to combine some of the best tactics in OMG all in one single solution, PERIOD!

Moderators that Grade The Work!

Ever ordered links only to realize there were a million things wrong with it? With SocialVypr you never have to worry. Every project is passed on to our Moderators to ensure 100% accuracy and quality, otherwise, it is returned for fixing, no exceptions!

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More Reasons to Join

  • Clean Excel Sheets with Login Info
  • No less than 300 Links, Guaranteed!
  • 100% according to OMG training!
  • We use real IP’s using a proprietary method, not proxies!
  • We are constantly improving our list.
  • We immediately drop sites that start deleting our profiles.
  • Fix over-optimized anchors & Maintain Natural Links
  • Perfect mix of Do-Follow/No-Follow links.
  • Naked URL’s are used as your website’s anchor text.
  • We use only USA verified Gmail accounts.
  • Save hours of fustrations & money!
  • Trusted by over 200 OMG’ers!