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  • What is the estimated time frame?

    Deivery time is normally around 7 days from the time you “submit” the project data form. However, if we are experiencing higher than normal volumes then you MUST allow up to 2 weeks.

  • Can I do multiple rounds on the same URL without any risk or issues?

    If you want to hit different URL’s on the same website “SIMULTANEOUSLY” then absolutely you can! However, if you wish to make multiple rounds on the “same” URL, then we highly recommend you give a one-month interval before each time you hit the same URL and to use different RSOS keywords to maximize the effectiveness.

  • Are these citation sites?

    No. We DO NOT EVER use any citation sites because of two main reasons: 1.) It will cause duplicate issues with those who already have citations. And 2.) Not everyone is using this for a local business. Some people use it for affiliate, ecommerce, Amazon product pages, YouTube, etc.

  • Will this work for any type of site?

    Yes absolutely! Local clients, lead gen, affiliate, ecommerce, YouTube, etc.

  • Will there be duplicate issues if I already have some of the same social profiles?

    Absolutely NOT! Having a second link/profile from the same social site does not hurt you. You only need to worry about duplicate citations, which we do not use. I never advise something that I don’t do myself!

  • Will an Excel sheet be provided with login details?


  • If I want to add my primary socials addon, do I have to provide them OR do you create them?

    If you want us to also link to your primary social pages, then you must provide them from the get-go. These normally include your top primary social profiles such as FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

  • Does your list include primary socials such as FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube)?

    No. It is not in your best interest for us to create these specific profiles because they require personal verified profiles first. Refer to Stephen’s training.

  • Can I use this for any country?

    Yes sir/ma’am! 😀

  • Can I use a domain email account?

    Yes and No. READ THE FOLLOWING IN ENTIRETY: We no longer accept certain types of domain emails such as “cpanel” emails due to several issues we’ve encountered UNLESS it is a reputable email such as Google Apps or Godaddy email. We automatically use USA verified Gmail accounts which we provide to you upon completion so there is no need for you to provide any email. However, if you insist on using a domain email, you MUST make a “special request by contacting us” to let us know BEFORE you order. WARNING: If using domain email, PLEASE dedicate an email specifically created for your social profiles because of 1.) My team needs to login to verify the social confirmation emails. and 2.) These confirmation emails will be hitting the inbox very heavily. Lastly, please only provide the specific login portal for the email only, DO NOT provide the whole account logins (Ex. don’t include your Godaddy account, Google Apps account, etc.). If you fail to follow this process we will automatically use a Gmail account as we normally do.

  • IMPORTANT: Can I use this for any niche?

    Because we “guarantee” the links upon delivery of your project, we must be able to maintain our guarantee. For that reason, we cannot accept certain niches that are HIGHLY filtered & deleted on most of the sites we build. Niches we do NOT accept are: Adult/XXX, Gambling and/or casino, Payday or Short Term Loans, Recreational Marijuana (Medical Marijuana is okay), Alcohol Beverages, Insurance Companies and Insurance-Related Services, Debt collection agencies, Banks, Mortgage, Bail Bonds, Any PR that defames or otherwise attacks a 3rd party, and anything deemed illegitimate, spammy or scammy, including but not limited to fortune-telling, websites claiming to do witchcraft or sorcery in exchange for money (regular magic tricks are okay), push-button money-making gimmicks, and “some” forms of MLM. NO EXCEPTIONS!